About Me ….

I am proudly “57” (born in “57”!), with grey hair and I walk with a gate. I Love my life, my family, creating Art out of pieces of Fiber, and Jesus Christ, my Savior…  So if you can’t deal with my “loves” …. this probably isn’t the site for you.  They are woven into my pain experience … and to try and remove them…. well, that would create a certain hole that would quickly unravel.

God created me bluntly honest, however, over the years I have learned to soften those edges ….. for social benefits ….  But, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to let the real me come out.  Pain deserves it.  I intend to be honest about my experience, which is often ugly, crude, mean, irritable and the list does go on…..  Oddly, the journey has brought me greater experience of blessing, grace, provision, love… and that list goes on also.

I use to be: jogger, skier, backpacker ….. Now, I am: artist, photographer, and knitter. I have always been: wife, mother, and friend.

My injury occurred 1-11-2000 and was work related. I worked with Severely Multiply Handicapped Children and Children with Autism. I LOVED it! It was almost literally a “twist” of fate. A twisting fall that led me to a surgery, rods, pins, and a cadaver disc. The surgery was not successful. It happens. Chronic pain ensued and increased in its intensity leading me to a Pain Management Dr. and trials of various pain meds, apparatus, and physical therapy. I settled for quite some time on, the proper use of, Fentanyl patches and Norco. Very recently, the summer of 2014, I spent a life changing 8 weeks at an H.E.L.P Pain Management Clinic in San Mateo, CA. I lived in a Residence Inn during the week, attended the clinic from 9-5 and traveled home for weekends. Their focus was not to end pain, but to equip patients with tools to live a full and productive life in spite of pain. Which is where this blog journey starts. It is about me “challenging” myself daily to live a full and productive life outside the walls of my very safe and un-vulnerable home.

Join me …..

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