Sooooo …. As I have said … probably more times than anyone is interested in …. My husband and I are on our “Retirement Road Trip #1”. It has been a magnificent trip filled with friends, beautiful sites & skies, laughs, and tire blow outs. As we have traveled, my VERY social husband has catapulted us into conversations with mere strangers (Bree and Lashonda … you are excluded … I am proud to say I started our conversation at Wildflour Bakery). Anyway….. The word “retired” often was presented to describe ourselves. One day, as we were RollingDownTheHallway ( – Barry’s travel blog), I realized a newly found freedom …. I was now “retired” and not “disabled”. I have spent countless inward pondering moments trying to figure out how this happened. If I can figure this phenomenon out …. I am certain I can apply it to other areas of my life …. Ha! … I am not bitchy, I am challenged. It is not that I can’t sit, it is that I like to stand. Hmmmmmm.   The pondering continues even as I blog.

The interesting thing is that I have never thought of myself as “disabled”; just able to find different ways to accomplish what I want/need to do. I have a brother-in-law who was “disabled” from a stroke approximately 20 years ago. He has a handful of words he is able to speak. My sister-in-law and I laugh at ourselves because he is “able” to socialize with the world more than the two of us combined. Disabled is what you can’t do. Abled is what you can do.

Soooo why do I have a freedom to the word “retired”? I ask you WHY? I am a highly strong-willed (just as my mom!) woman of faith that believes that “All things are possible through Christ, Jesus who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4 something …. I think. For clarity, the “all things” are all things which bring glory to Christ … not ALLL things …). Any wayyyyyyy. As I ponder this while writing this blog it comes to me ….

I do not think of myself as disabled … but, have labeled myself as disabled. My new label is “retired”. Ahhhhhhhhh …. Thank you for giving me a medium to “write this out”.

I have to laugh …. Precisely at the moment I wrote that last sentence …. The computer went black. I was not disabled to get up and find the cord to plug into the electrical outlet …. But, I was warm and cozy in my bed …. And wrongly faithful that I could complete this blog, though my computer was notifying me that my battery was critically low. Am I going to label myself as “ignorant”? …. HECK NO! But, I will label myself as someone who likes to keep warm and cozy.

Soooooooo ….. What I have learned is: “Be wary of how we label ourselves.” Thank you blog world for helping me figure this out!