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Pain and Travel … Do It Anyway!
We are on day 2 of our RETIREMENT ROAD TRIP #1! We added a countdown widget to our cell phones beginning 3½ years ago! I remember the day we celebrated because it broke “1,000” and then had a celebratory dinner when we broke the “100” mark. There was never a doubt in my husband’s mind that the first matter of business in “retirementhood” was a road trip. Our family LOVES road trips. Our attempts to route our trip varied as much as our beginning destination, Alaska, and our end destination, the Southwest. (We will travel to Alaska … and we will do it with YOU Nicki and Rich Hall).
Soooo Pain and Travel ….. I am sure there must be internet references, how to’s, tips for, traveling with pain … I personally, have found nothing really helpful … Pain is personal, so I have an array of shenanigans I pull to see me through such as, “completing” my leg and back stretches, a pack of frozen peas always accessible and USED when needed, a pillow system for my “captain’s chair” up front and bed in the back (a system so complex even my hubby can’t get it right …. And he tries!), walks at every road stop (which is often with the amount of diet coke and water/tea we consume), relaxation techniques I learned at the clinic (which can be EXTREMELY helpful … but, seem a little harder to maneuver on the road), and …. If all else fails, after 2 hours of 8+ pain that cannot be remedied …. Yes, it’s true … I pop a (prescribed) Norco. But, my greatest advice … flat out tried and true …. When it comes to travel and pain is …….. DO IT ANYWAY!
Before my journey at the H.E.L.P. clinic …. I resisted with all strength …. And I am pretty strong willed ….. leaving the security of my home. (I just erased an entire unfinished paragraph about “resisting leaving the security of home” …. I realize that in itself deserves its own blog post.) The exception was ALWAYS motor home camping or a road trip. In fairness, our motorhome provides me its own amount of security. My home on wheels … what’s the difference … there is none unless I step outside that security and breathe the fresh air, view the beauty, see and experience the world around me without a bug spattered windshield.
Happy Trails to You!